We believe that energy transition is the most important story of our time, and we aim to offer the highest-quality, thoughtful commentary about it anywhere. No other podcast goes as deep into the important details, and covers as broad a range of relevant topics, in such a well-produced package. We aim to help listeners really understand this enormously complex and oftentimes technical subject. If you really care about energy transition, and want to learn something new in every show, this is the show for you!

Most other high-quality podcasts are supported by some parent organization that actually pays the bills, or by advertisers and sponsors. We don’t have a big parent organization that brings in revenue from some other source. And we have elected not to go the sponsorship route for two reasons: 1) Our circulation isn’t big enough to attract sponsors that can bring in enough revenue to support the show, and 2) We want our show to be as unbiased, honest, and unfiltered as we can possibly make it. The only paymasters we want to be responsible to are you, the listeners.

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  • An extensive bibliography of sources consulted for each show, which are listed in the show notes of each episode (visible to members only).
  • Plus, as time goes on, we intend to offer other additional features and other special goodies for our members.

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It’s an indication of how esoteric the material in that episode is, on a scale of 1 (anyone should be able to follow it) to 10 (very specialized, technical, or otherwise “advanced” material), in Chris’ subjective opinion. And once in a rare while, an episode goes to 11. A high rating doesn’t indicate that the episode isn’t comprehensible to mere mortals; in fact we think our guests explain the material in those episodes brilliantly and in a highly accessible fashion. But it may take a bit of background study to get up to speed on the topic.

Yes! When you subscribe, you’ll get a link to member feed configuration instructions with a range of options to support your specific player. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our support email address for help.

Just use the comment form on the show page for an episode. Or write to Chris at the email address given at the end of each episode. (We don’t display our email addresses on the site in an effort to limit incoming spam.)

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